Code of Conduct

We are Committed to Engaging with the BOS Community

BOS sw/eden and its team members will continue to have healthy and ongoing dialogue with the Token Holders within the BOS Community in order to bring awareness and education. We are passionate about that dialogue going both ways - bos sw/eden will listen and engage multiculturally, whenever, wherever and with whomever we can to the best of our abilities.

Building BLOCKS

BOS sw/eden and its team members first priority is in building blocks for the Blockchain. Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure and security will always be the first priority because without safe block production there is no chain. Our system is designed to scale up and down quickly and securely. Block rewards will go first to the ongoing development and growth of that system.


BOS sw/eden is an independent Block Producer. 
We are not owned, managed or directed by another organization or BP. We are not under the governance or administration of ANY outside company or financial source.


BOS sw/eden ownership structure is simple. Co-Founder & CTO, Eric Björk owns 50% of the company and Co-Founder & CEO, Vahid Toosi owns 50% of the Company. BOS sw/eden is registered in Sweden.


sw/eden believe each EOSIO chain is a unique blockchain that is created to fill a need for the community. We will treat our presence at a sister-chain the same way you would respect the laws and rules of a country you visit. The guidelines and rules will be set by the chain and we will adapt to them in accordance to our vision and moral compass.